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HKU ITS Cloud is a private cloud Virtual Machine (VM) based facility for subscription by departments. This is a readily available provision to facilitate departments to acquire server facility without the need to order, set up and maintain a physical server on their own.

Why choosing ITS Cloud?

• High service availability with auto-recovery in case of hardware failure (availability SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 99.5% in a calendar year)
• 7x24 service monitoring
• Highly flexible and configurable to meet on-demand requests
• Readily available for use with selected operating system and HKU Server Compliant Agent Program preinstalled
• Short delivery lead-time
• Lower total cost of ownership compared with physical server acquisition
• Private and secure cloud facility
• Comply with security requirements of the University with regular vulnerability scanning
• Operating in an industry-standard data centre located in HKU campus
• Different packaged options available for selection
• Flexible subscription periods

What are the packaged options and services available?

Size: Small/Medium/Large
Operating system: Window 2012 R2 64-bit / Linux CentOS v6 64-bit
(Windows 2016 64-bit / Linux CentOS v7 64-bit are also available upon request)
Subscription period: 1 month / 6 months / 12 months
Backup schedule: Weekly
Charge on network traffic: Nil
Type of self-service requests supported:

IaaS: Request for more CPU powers or larger disk size

PaaS: Request for different operating system, such as Windows Server and Linux Server

SaaS: Request for automated installation of some popular tools such as SSH Server, SFTP server, Samba File Server, Apache Web Server, Tomcat Servlet, MySQL database Server, PHP/Perl programming packages, etc.

How to subscribe ITS Cloud?

Different packaged options are available for subscription by departments and are to be renewed on an annual basis. Please refer to ITS Cloud Subscription Services for details.

To subscribe a new VM, please login to HKU Portal and choose "My Page" -> "Campus Information Services" -> "Central IT Services" -> "ITS Cloud", and then click "New Service Request".

For SSL certificate services on ITS Cloud VM, please refer to policies of SSL certificate services.

More about ITS Cloud

Infrastructure of ITS Cloud

Category Items
Blade Chassis /Servers Dell m1000e blade Chassis
Dell M630 blade Servers
Each of blade server equipped with Intel E5670v3 12-cores 2.4GHz CPU x 2 and 512GB RAM
Storage HDS SAN storage with RAID protection, IBM SAN Storage Volume Controller (SVC)
Network Brocade & Dell 10GbE/1GbE network switches
Virtualization Technology VMWare Vsphere v6
Cloud Management Software BMC Cloud LifeCycle Management (CLM) v2.1

Comparison of ITS Cloud with Web Server Cloud

Comparison ITS Cloud Web Server Cloud
Purpose For supporting any departmental applications For supporting departmental website
Charges Department can subscribe any quantity based on their needs by paying an annual subscription fee Each department can apply for 1 web server cloud without additional charge
VM size Small / Medium / Large Default size is small
Operating systems Window 2012R2 (or 2016) 64-bit/
Linux CentOS v6 (or v7) 64-bit
Linux CentOS v6 64-bit
OS Root /Administrator privilege Full Root/Administrator privilege is granted One normal user account
Self-service management interface Yes No
DNS registration bundled No, can apply via CF-60 under Yes