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User Guide / FAQ

User guide:

1. If you are departmental staff and want to request or manage the cloud VM services:
1. User Guide for Requester (Only accessible at HKU network)

2. If you are a department head (or assigned approver) and want to accept/reject the cloud VM services request:
2. User Guide for Approver (Only accessible at HKU network)

3. If you already owned a cloud VM and want to administer the system (Only accessible at HKU network):
3a. Administrator Guide for Linux VM
3b. Administrator Guide for Windows VM

4. For ITS Cloud NAS CIFS/NFS service, if you want to administer or use the ITS Cloud NAS CIFS/NFS service (Only accessible at HKU network):
4a. [Administrator]: Configure user permission for the share folder at Windows 7
4b. [Administrator]: Configure user permission for for the share folder at Windows 2012R2
4c. [User]: Map a share folder as network drive at Windows 7
4d. [User]: Restore files from snapshot images


Q1. How to access HKU ITS Cloud for requesters?
A1: If you are a HKU staff member, you can access ITS Cloud by (a) logging in to HKU Portal, choose "My Page" -> "Campus Information Services" -> "Central IT Services" and then click "ITS Cloud", or (b) directly login at

Q2. How to access HKU ITS Cloud for approvers?
A2: If you are department heads or departmental approvers, you can access ITS Cloud approval interface by (a) accessing the URL generated at the approval request E-mail, or (b) directly login at .

Q3. How to register departmental approvers in additional to the department head?
A3: If your department would like to register alternative approvers to approve/reject the request, please submit the "CF-125a Apply/Revoke Proxy for Accessing Departmental Information on HKU Portal - Administrative Rights" at ITS online forms ( and must fill in Section 2(I) ITS Cloud departmental approvers information.

Q4. What is the terms and policies of using ITS Cloud?
A4: Please refer to Terms/Policies page.

Q5. How to open other network port traffic on external firewall protection?
A5: The VM owner need to submit the CFe-164 form at ITS online form.